There’s no Fooling Amira …

Amira notices EVERYTHING. Mispelled misspelled? She’ll notice. Forgotten to change your calendar to May? She’ll tell you. Pencils looking a bit blunt? She’ll be there with the sharpener. Some examples of Amira’s observations:

‘Would you do this colouring for me? I’m so bored. I’m so tired by half term.’

Given the class a nice colouring sheet to wind down before the holiday? Amira knows what you’re up to. She just doesn’t find colouring sheets interesting and apparently it’s not just teachers who need a rest after six weeks of school.

‘I don’t usually like supply teachers because they never learn your names and they always point at you.’

Amira was touched when a supply teacher gave her a sticky label with her name on it but woe betide you if you don’t make an effort to get to know her.

‘I don’t like being on the green table. Can we be called the silver table please? Then we’d be the most powerful.’

Amira slightly misunderstands the idea of differentiation when she proposes a hierarchical table restructure.

Annoying as it can be to realise you’ve forgotten something or that the lesson isn’t going according to plan, Amira is a great person to have around. Her honesty always helps you to gauge the mood of the class and evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching. In the past few weeks alone Amira has got me thinking about whether the work set is engaging, whether children feel valued in the class and what are the most effective ways to split the class for group work. So when you need a bit of self-evaluation find Amira and see how you’re doing, if you don’t she’ll find you!


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