Teachers on TV

Well as my iCal has just informed me it is exactly 3 weeks until the Summer Institute and a quick glance of the 2013 Teach First cohort group tells me that nerves are running high. On top of this, if you are anything like me, you’ve been talking non-stop to your friends, family and significant other about everything education related: from the benefits of differentiation to what you’ll be wearing to work. Time for a breather everyone, give you’re loved ones a break. Time for some TV. Well some online viewing to be precise, I don’t actually own a TV or a TV license. Luckily for you this means I spend my time rooting through archives for stuff to watch. You’ve probably seen Educating Essex, Jamie’s Dream School etc., so I’ve tried to choose some programmes that you might not have discovered yet. You will see that they are all easily accesible on 4oD; please rest assured I have no personal affiliation with Channel 4, it’s just they tend to keep programmes online for longer.

For the first day at school…


Think you’re nervous? Check out these little lovelies and watch some great teaching in action

For some drama…


A wonderfully thought-provoking monologue based on real cases of violence in schools.

For some humour…


Pretty much a lesson in how not to teach, but good fun, and a great early noughties soundtrack.

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to add to the comments. It all counts as preparation folks!


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