First Day at Summer Institute

So after a very late night battling with my printer (it did not like the 37 pages of PPW), I woke up this morning bleary-eyed and with a lot of packing to do. Sadly my strategy of throwing random objects into a pile throughout the week did not result in a neatly packed bag. This meant that my morning was a mad dash to get everything I needed into my moderately sized holdall.

I arrived at our accommodation to find a very long queue and a lot of tired-looking, but excited, participants; clearly I wasn’t the only person up late last night! On arrival we were given our Teach First ID cards. The pictures were taken on our assessment day and mine somehow has managed to capture how nervous I was. We were also give these:


It certainly looks like we’re in for a busy week!

I headed up to my room and quickly found a friend. The lovely thing about Teach First is that everyone is so chatty and warm. Already I feel like I’ve know the people on my corridor for weeks. I’ve been placed with people from a mixture of areas throughout London, who are teaching a mixture of subjects, as well as one person who is studying the same subject in the same area. It’s a really nice group, which is making up for some of the shortcoming of the accommodation. Obviously we are a resilient bunch though so we are making the most of what we’ve got!

We also had a Teach First BBQ at a local Teach First school. While the weather was, well, British, it was lovely to see everyone get together for the first time.

After that it’s been a pretty quiet night. I’ve familiarised myself with the big folders, prepared for tomorrow and had a nice cup of tea with some of my neighbours along the corridor.

Tomorrow looks jammed packed so it’s time for bed! See you all tomorrow bright and early!


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