School Centred Learning Days 3 & 4: Numeracy

I am writing this from a very tired place so forgive me if this goes a little off the wall. I’ve had about 15 hours sleep over the past few days and things are beginning to get a bit blurry!

Yesterday marked my first ever lesson teaching a class, well bit of a lesson, it was just a starter! While it probably wasn’t the greatest lesson that I will ever teach, I do feel that I have taken a huge leap of faith and made it to the other side. What was even more encouraging was that today I got through a whole maths lesson! That’s right, I sustained the attention of 30 young people for a full hour! Now you may be wondering why this is a big deal for me, after all I have decades more maths experience than they do. However, to think this would be foolish, you can’t passively stand in front of children and hope that they soak up what you say like 30 little sponges. Kids have the power to challenge, question, and criticise just like anybody else, which means that no matter how much planning a teacher does it is hard to relax. Furthermore, I am, to this day, haunted by my own maths experience growing up. I have always felt secretly anxious about my numeracy skills, and what I really didn’t want to do was to leave a child with the same feeling. If I was going to teach this, I was going to have to know how to teach it and luckily I was in safe hands. Our partnership school mentor was incredibly supportive. Each evening she went well beyond the call of duty organising the resources and planning tools we would need to teach our lesson, as well as offering advice and support along the way.

Today’s lesson wasn’t perfect but I was really happy with how things went, and most importantly it was a starting point. For the first time I feel that I am able to make meaningful reflections on my teaching practice. I can also use the feedback I was given from the teacher who observed my lesson and my partnership school mentor to build next steps for development. I certainly have a way to go before September but today has shown me that I can do it.


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