Teach First Glossary Continued

This week it has been very hard to find time to post. One of the trickiest things about the Summer Institute is making time to fit in everything that needs doing around placements and classes. My to do list features: reflective journal entries, peer reviews, WA1, resource making, deciding which union to join, applying for a student Oyster card, doing some washing, eating, sleeping etc. It’s probably time for another glossary to explain what these things are:

Reflective Journal

Each week, from Summer Institute through to the end of the PGCE, participants are given 3-4 reflective questions to respond to. These will usually relate to experiences we’ve had that week, as well as self-assessment tasks, which help us to consider how we are developing against the list of Teach First competencies and Teaching Standards. The participant then draws up a list of 3 areas for immediate development. The journal is reviewed and signed by our mentors each week.

Home Group

London participants are divided into groups for their Institute of Education training sessions. This is usually by specialism, subject or region within London.

Peer Reviews

As well as being read by an IOE tutor, PPW is read and reviewed by a member of your home group at Summer Institute.


Our first written assignment for the PGCE. This year’s topic is an investigation into school and community.

Placement School

The school in which participants are placed for the two year Leadership Development programme. We spend 4 induction days in our school during the Summer Institute.

Partnership Schools

In weeks 2 and 3 we are sent into partnership schools to observe good teaching practice. We also have the opportunity to develop our planning skills and deliver lessons. These often involve reflection and subject knowledge development with experienced teachers and leaders within the school.

Community Engagement Project

Participants go out into their local communities to learn more about life in that area.

For more Teach First terms see my earlier glossary, which is linked here!


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