Last Day at the London Summer Institute and First Day at Warwick

Friday was the closing ceremony for the London part of the Summer Institute and as I watched the proceedings a lot was going around in my mind. When I sat in the lecture hall at the IOE for the opening ceremony it seemed like an eternity before we’d be heading to Warwick. Now, as we start the next chapter of Summer Institute, so many things have changed.  I’ve learned so much from my tutors and time in school, I’ve made some amazing friends and above all I feel a real part of the teaching community. Seeing the London cohort together again really put in perspective to me just how close we’ve all become in just four weeks.

Now everyone has arrived in Warwick and our community has grown bigger. It’s great to see how quickly everyone has settled into the rhythm of Warwick life and there was such an exciting atmosphere last night as everyone came together for the first time. In half an hour we will attend the opening ceremony for the whole 2013 cohort, I’m delighted to be part of such an energetic and welcoming community and I can’t wait to hear more about the next couple of weeks!


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