Planning your First Trip

This morning Teach First shipped two buses of primary participants out of the Warwick campus to Coombe Park; you can imagine the excitement!

The day started with a quick introduction (and a brief shower of rain) but before we knew it the sun was out and we were off to start our activities. Here are some of the things we got up to:

Animal Adaptations

Through the medium of dressing up we considered why animals have certain physical features. We then created our own imaginary creatures, detailing their adaptations and eventually creating a physical interpretation of that animal. Much hilarity ensued as 20 teachers wriggled their way into some very interesting animal shapes.

Pond Dipping


This was a fantastic activity for all key stages! With nets, magnifying equipment and identification charts we got to know more about pond-life. This was also an important moment to discuss how to do a risk assessment, given a lot of potential hazards, including: deep water, excitable adults and vicious swans!

Camp Fire Activities


After listening to the story of The Three Little Pigs we were given the challenge to design and execute a safe home for the pigs using forest twigs.


Thanks to us the three little pigs will sleep safely tonight.


The session also included making mini-beast sculptures out of natural materials, finding textures in the forest, making rubbings and marshmallow toasting. We rounded off the activity with some good old reflection. When we had finished we wrote our evaluations onto paper leaves, which we tied to the trees with string.

Mini-beast Hunt

We scoured the forest for signs of bio-diversity, collecting some of our specimens in magnifying pots. We had a surprising amount of success, finding: a frog, a mouse, snails, centipedes, millipedes, beetles, woodlice, worms and spiders.

The Meadow Challenge


Having experienced some excellent sessions we were challenged to plan our own activity using the meadow and a selection of resources. Having wandered through the sea of beautiful flowers, grasses, butterflies and dragonflies I was inspired to plan a creative activity. I took pieces of different coloured wool into the field with me and made a colour matching collage on a piece of card with a double-sided sticky tape panel. I’m really inspired to do this activity with my future class in the playground next year!


We even got an ice-cream at the end of the day. What a great way to remind us how important new experiences are in primary education.


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