Some Helpful Resources Recommended by the Experts

Over my time at the Summer Institute I scribbled down lots of online resources and I thought it might be useful to try them out and share them with you. Hopefully this will prove handy for the next generation of Teach First participants, who will be completing SKA action plans in the coming months. Please do share and I’ll try and add to this list over the coming weeks, as I’ve only made it through Science, Maths, Dyslexia and online resources. Also if you have any favourites you’d like to add let me know.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Paul Broadbent, Joe Ambrose, Hannah Tuffnell and all the other tutors and associate tutors who shared their favourite resources with us.


(Science and Plants for Schools) Lots of resources and suggestions for investigations.

(The National Stem Centre) An amazing eLibrary for teaching resources in STEM subject areas and programmes of work to support career advice.

(Planet Science) I love this really interactive website packed with resources from making a kite to catching a pigeon!

(Kew Royal Botanical Gardens) Kew is a fantastic place to visit if you are teaching in London. The website also has a great bank of resources and information about CPD opportunities and courses.

(Primary Science Teaching Trust) Lots of resources, CPD information and a great list of useful links.

(Nuffield Foundation) Lots of useful resources and some great research.


(Dyslexia Action) Lots of information on dyslexia and the support available.

(RNIB and Dyslexia Action) Learning resources in downloadable, accessible formats for students who have difficulty reading standard printed books.

(British Dyslexia Association) Lots of helpful guidance on how to make your school dyslexia friendly (quality mark and accreditation).

(The Dyslexia SPLD Trust) Lots of guidance on best practice and great resources.


(Paul Broadbent) Some great resources.

Online Resources

These were shared by the wonderful Hannah Tuffnell and Joe Ambrose in their associate tutor workshop on interactive technologies at SI 2013.

(Prezi) A very engaging Powerpoint alternative. Just try it and see!

(Powtoon) Allows you to create animated videos and cartoons of up to five minutes.

(Padlet) An online noticeboard. It’s great for collecting feedback and works in real time.

(Edmodo) An educational social networking site. It’s teacher controlled, meaning the children can experience the fun of engaging online in a safe environment.

(Google Forms) Allows you to create questionnaires and surveys, which can then be transferred into Excel for fast and effective data analysis.

(Poll Everywhere) The children can text their responses to a question, which you can then download. To be used with carefully!


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