Week 4: Radiators and Drains

This week has been full of highs and lows. There have been red time outs and behaviour break-throughs, progressive meetings and pointless meetings,  well-planned lessons and lessons I didn’t even know I was going to be teaching. To surmise I have encountered the infamous hills and valleys that we were warned about at Summer Institute. One of the things I have noticed this week though is that there have been so many teachers on hand to offer support, these are the people that make the school a pleasure to work in, even on the bad days! However, Dame Julia Cleverdon was right when she warned us that you could be one of two kinds of people: radiators or drains. Here are some examples of radiators and drains I have witnessed in school this week:

The teacher who saved all her recycling for a week for an art project to help a colleague.

The teacher who cackled and said ‘as if I have time to recycle’.

The teacher who always asks if you need any help before a lesson observation and tells you how to put your feedback into action afterwards.

The teacher who wishes you luck and rolls their eyes.

The teacher who always brings chocolate to PPA.

The teacher who spends PPA complaining that they don’t get enough planning time.

The mentor that always gives you a strategy to try instead of a negative comment.

The mentor that gives you a to do list that takes you an hour to read.

The colleague that you’ve only had a couple of conversations with but always smiles at you in the hall and asks how things are going.

The colleague who you’ve introduced yourself to twice but still asks who you are when your name is mentioned in a staff meeting.

The teacher that will always lend their resources and bring yours back.

The teacher that always takes and never shares.


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