Spring Term: let the placements commence

Perhaps it’s because another essay is in, perhaps it’s because a term has passed, it might even be down to the holiday haircuts that my class are sporting but I’m feeling relentlessly upbeat; after all, who can resist a five-year old with an awkward bob/bowl-cut? Even the onslaught of conversations about the posh lot on Tough Young Teachers can’t provoke me. Though the debate is fun to watch from the sidelines! 

Lots of things have happened over the holidays. The tooth-fairy has been busy, many furbies have found new homes and perhaps most remarkably my class have been writing, and prolifically at that! I arrived last Monday to a flurry of entries for our class writing competition, each thoughtfully scribed and full of all those wonderful sentence openers we have been practising with all singing, all dancing, Talk for Writing pomp. It has been lovely dipping into these over the past few days and I’m amazed at what the promise of some magic colour changing pens can do! Although, when it came to it I just couldn’t have one winner so I ended up giving everyone who had entered a prize as well. I was pleased to hear that some of the children have consequently decided they will now become authors. One child comforted me by saying, ‘I still think teachers are a nice job too’.  I was counting on this child joining the ranks but I’m holding in my sadness, an author would be pretty good too.

However, the shadow looming over my rainbow covered parade is of course the impending secondment to another school and the alternate key stage experience. I always find it tough leaving my class, even for the odd development day. During the Christmas holidays I couldn’t help wondering what they were up to, and even found myself looking for their little heads bobbing in the sea of Christmas shoppers. Twenty days seems a very long time to be away from them and a very short time in which to form that kind of relationship with thirty new people. 


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