Flash Back: Term 1

Having been M.I.A from the world of blogging for a couple of months and amusingly finding a blog today that I have been featured in, entitled, ‘Whatever happened to…’ (Cf. http://teachingbattleground.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/whatever-happened-to/) I feel that I should probably account for the past few months. No,  I have not been abducted by Credite Suisse. PWC have not come […]

Spring Term: let the placements commence

Perhaps it’s because another essay is in, perhaps it’s because a term has passed, it might even be down to the holiday haircuts that my class are sporting but I’m feeling relentlessly upbeat; after all, who can resist a five-year old with an awkward bob/bowl-cut? Even the onslaught of conversations about the posh lot on […]

School Centred Learning Day 1: Numeracy

To begin with I’ll introduce another Teach First piece of vocabulary: School Centred Learning Participants undertake two three-day placements to in different schools. These days, which have a literacy or numeracy focus, are used for specialist observations and teaching. Participants also must plan and deliver an Oral and Mental Starter and a Numeracy lesson on their […]